I originally posted this in the How To Forum, but I guess it may not be right place. I want to display a confirmation page with the user name after he/she submits a form. I thought I found what I need in the documentation but it does not work. (using version 8.36 of the script) Created a folder called frmtemplates Created an HTML page called tankyou.html in which I wrote «$FullName, Nous avons bien reçu votre demande, Merci» and put in the above folder. In formmail.php put: $TEMPLATEDIR = "/home/mysite/public_html/test/frmtemplates"; In the form added: I also put this in the form ==> this works but without the field The form is processed and the visitor is redirected to the template BUT it only Shows « Nous avons bien reçu votre demande, Merci», without the Name