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    I read the posts going back a ways and a 2008 post states only attachments in text format can be encoded and attached. I'm needing PDF attachments encoded. Since then, version 8.24 release notes state: "
    Implemented a new feature to allow uploaded files to be filtered. If you specify a filter, and specify file field names in the "filter_files" list, those file uploads will be filtered before being stored in the repository or attached to the email.
    The main use for this is to encrypt uploaded files, but any filter can be used"

    However, the release notes do not mention what file formats are supported. I get unreadable PDF files when I use the Filter_Files to encode them. Are we still limited to only being able to encode text attachments? If so, is there any other way to encrypt and attach other file formats (.pdf, .jpg, .doc, etc)?

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    FormMail's filters are a general feature, not specific to encryption.

    So, for example, you could create a filter that does just about anything you want with a file, or to the other fields submitted on the form.

    Our FormMailEncoder product will encrypt anything you send it. FormMailDecoder can decrypt anything too, but it only knows how to display text. So, it will decrypt a PDF, for example, but then try to display it as text. Which isn't useful.

    Instead, it would need to detect the type of file, and prompt you to do something else with the file. A future version of FormMailDecoder may have this feature.

    If you want to create a filter using GPG, you can do so, and this will work fine too. But, you'll have the problem of how to get the decryption to occur and how to work with the resulting file.

    Windows simply doesn't make this sort of thing easy. Basically, unless your email program knows what to do with the file, then you need a 3rd party app that can do it for you.
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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