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Thread: Adding a Subject to the Email

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    Default Adding a Subject to the Email

    I am using the basic configuration of the FormMail PHP script. It works but currently it does not have any subject. I have looked in the configurations and all the how-to guides for changing this but I have not been able to determine how to do this. You would think this would be one of the simplest things to be able to change.

    Any idea how do add a suybject to the email the FormMail sends?


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    Are you talking about a subject line that changes or a set one, that never changes?

    I tend to use a set subject which I put in the HTML form, itself, in a hidden field:

    <input type="hidden" name="subject" value="My Subject" />
    This is described in the "Creating HTML forms for use with Tectite FormMail" documentation:


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