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Thread: "NoEmpty" variable is not working

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    Default "NoEmpty" variable is not working

    I'm using the NoEmpty code so I don't have to see 10 lines of input not filled out when I get my form results, but it's just not working! I'm still getting all the empty fields and so are the recipients.

    <input type="hidden" name="mail_options" value="HTMLTemplate=bahia-submission.html,FromAddr=mail^*^,NoEmpty" />

    I'm using an HTML submission form and I get the results in an HTML email and so does the recipient.

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    Default Re: "NoEmpty" variable is not working

    Ok after much more searching around it seems that if you want your form results sent to yourself and your customer in an HTML email, then there is no option to remove the empty fields. They will display no matter what. I just added "TemplateMissing=N/A" so at least the customers sees "N/A" next to the fields they didn't fill out. Is there any plans to update the coding so that a "NoEmpty" type works with the HTML templates as well?

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