I have had a Tectite form working on a Windows site hosted by Westnet/iinet for a couple of years; a few days ago it suddenly started sending users a message to contact the web site owners directly, as the form was not working. Nothing was sent to the TARGET_EMAIL or DEF_ALERT addressees. I contacted Westnet support, who suggested I alter the "define('DEBUG',false)" line to "true" whereapon the error message resolved into something along the lines of the thread title; two on every form submission attempt.

Westnet later conceded that the problem had been created by them by "tightened SMTP security on those servers so all mail must specify a sender address" and suggested I look at the "SENDMAIL_F_OPTION", and "SET_SENDER_FROM_EMAIL" definitions, and the "$FIXED SENDER" setting, without any whif of a clue as to what I should do with them. PHP is Greek to me, but I tried many combinations of changes to these and the fromAddr settings, and only succeeded in raising the number of 550 errors to three with each submission attempt. Identical forms which I have on other Westnet-hosted sites continue to work satisfactorily, which doesn't say much for their Quality Control!

I have a really good solution to this problem which doesn't involve Westnet, however as I don't own the web site, would dearly like anyone out there to help me resolve this issue in the short term.