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Thread: derive_fields: unknown value specification ""

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    Default derive_fields: unknown value specification ""

    derive_fields: unknown value specification ""
    Seems every time getting this, the IP address is from China

    Form works fine when filled out by a person.

    <input type="hidden" name="csvcolumns" value="email,realname,telephone,user_subject,comments,recipients,company,website,this_form,thedate,thetime,ipaddr,referer">

    <input type="hidden" name="derive_fields" value="subject = %'Contact <?php echo $servnodots; ?> '%.%if(realname;realname;%'No Name Given'%)%.%' <'%.%if(email;email;%'No Email Given'%)%.%'>'%, replyto = %if(realname;realname;%'No Name Given'%)%.%' <'%.%if(email;email;%'No Email Given'%)%.%'>'%, formpage = this_form, ipaddr = <?php echo $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']?>, thedate = %fullyear%.%'-'%.%moy0%.%'-'%.%dom0%+%dayname%, thetime = %time%+%tz%">

    Valid CSV output (my filling out the form):
    "" "George Lerner" "" "test" "testing ttformmail.php version 8.36" "George" "Mountain Valley Center" "" "/shared/contact.php" "2013-12-01 Sunday" "01:57:29 -0500" "myipaddress" "unknown"

    Spammer CSV output:
    "" "canada goose jakker bergen" "" "canada goose jakker bergen" "<a href=''>canada goose mørkeblå</a> canada goose tilbud" "" "Mountain Valley Center" "" "/biomat-faq.php" "" "" "" "unknown"

    With spammers, these fields are (at least sometimes) empty: thedate, thetime, ipaddr
    How can these be empty?

    (The recipients field is also empty, there are no empty options on the drop-down field, another sign the form was "filled out" by software. I have changed that field to "required".)

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    Default Re: derive_fields: unknown value specification ""


    Spammers don't go through your form to submit it. Their software submits directly to FormMail.

    Sometimes they'll parse your HTML form to figure out field names.

    Spammers can trigger errors, and that's why you're seeing these alerts.

    When you're developing your form, you need these alerts so that you can find errors easily. But, in production, it's a fine line between getting notified of user and other problems, and being annoyed by spammers.

    FormMail will ignore most errors if you set ALERT_ON_USER_ERROR to false and ATTACK_DETECTION_IGNORE_ERRORS to true.

    Remember to set these back to their default when you're doing further development on your forms.
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