Hello all! I am at my wits end right now. I am trying to set up a form with recaptcha. I have it all working and all seems fine

1: in IE, I go to my form fill it out and submit with recapthca it works fine and my form info is emailed back to me.
2: One minute later I try again filling out the SAME form with recaptcha and I get Website cannot display page error with the 505
3: Then I try again one minute later and it accepts the form and emails it to me.
4: It keeps doing this all the time. And in all browsers.
5: I am using yahoo small business with latest php server installed. Is this a Yahoo thing or did I mess up. if messed up, why would it work then not work! HELP!!!


I have been doing this for 2 days and this should be pretty simple and straightforward. I think I have used the Form wizard about a 100 times in 48 hours.