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Thread: Stumped at first step

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    Default Stumped at first step

    I downloaded and extracted the files but when I open formail.php in Notepad, I get unreadable code:

    PK  i4@]ʤ   formmail.phpUT PBOux   \kwGsڬN -BʑX \@rZΜi` ;=#,vTuύdLwUuu]Ͽ,o9Z7*PO,9>jHP7~s|(S%#Z~8Aڮ'.0XDn$`Qb4wU8P*Bّ L<Xއlʤ*^<?zqA$4Z١RO2RrbUt/:Ô*=Ͽ??xO՚Joġ/k(=֜"i(B8DS Gth.Eu t*d`jv>GMWM<]Ȱ$)&K/X1oq*7'aGbEjU2=<ҁ]PMDSj=A̢H7&@eb--ҏv) '`^,("7?'ޡX1%O
    0m3 e<e%Vs:tE?G;

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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    Oh my that's some fine work for the computer goblins. I'd re-download the files fromt the Tectite site and try loading into a different editor. I HIGHLY recommend downloading Sublime Text 2. It's free to evaluate (with no expiration on the trial) and you can buy it whenever if you like Hopefully it's just a corrupt file error that notepad imploded on.

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    Hi, It turned out we had a problem with our ZIP file. We fixed this a few days ago and notified the original poster via email.
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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