I'm trying to set up FormMail to use an INI file, and I've run into something that I'm not sure if it is an issue or not. I've got the INI file set up to hold my email addresses, so as the TARGET_EMAIL page says, I've changed my TARGET_EMAIL setting to an empty value, like this:
$TARGET_EMAIL = array();

But when I do that and fill out the form, it gives me the success message saying that everything worked well and the email was sent, but I get no email or anything. But if I have TARGET_EMAIL setting like this:
$TARGET_EMAIL = array("");

Everything works fine. Is there any problem with leaving it like that? I'm not sure why it doesn't work when done exactly how the TARGET_EMAIL page says to do it, but I assume that it says to do it that way for a reason?

Hopefully this question makes sense. I'm trying to explain it as clearly as possible. Basically I want to know if I will run into any problems having the TARGET_EMAIL set this way:
$TARGET_EMAIL = array("");

Thanks in advance.