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Thread: Form Mail Stopped Working.?!.?!

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    Default Form Mail Stopped Working.?!.?!


    We have been using formmail for around 2 years now without a hitch. This morning I came into my office and none of our forms worked! They still don't...

    Yesterday we were using version 8.36, Today I have been trying to get 8.36 and 9.06 to work. So far it has been a nogo.

    Here is what I see so far.

    1. The form submits sucessfully (at least it goes to the correct good_url page at submission.
    2. It does not come into any mailbox.

    3. I setup our hosting service's form mailer (It's aweful [godaddy]) and after configuring it, it works.

    4. We run a self-hosted exchange server.
    4a. I have disabled all spam filtering
    4b. I have restarted exchange multiple times
    4c. We have had no issue receiving mail and received no complaints.
    4d. we are not currently on a black list

    5. In the exchange mail tracking tools I do not see any incoming messages from the two tectite forms. I do see the gdmail form messages from godaddy.

    I am at a loss and am stumped trying to find the culprit here and get our forms back up. I have a test page set up with all three forms (bayleaf DOT org SLASH index2.php) if anyone would like to look. I must be missing something right under my nose, but I can't see it.

    I am also currently on hold with godaddy

    Thanks in advance to everyone here.

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    Default Re: Form Mail Stopped Working.?!.?!

    So I got off the phone a few minutes ago. Godaddy thinks there is a queuing issue on their end, but I won't know until sometime in the next 24hrs... That is a long downtime.I'll post if I hear something further or different.

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    Default Re: Form Mail Stopped Working.?!.?!

    It was a mail queue problem on the shared host I am on. Once they reset it (took a few hours) I received all the registrations that were submitted over the course of the day. (Which is a huge weight off my shoulders).Thanks for the help

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