I have been using the same form for years without any issues. Recently I am getting multiple copies of the same form submission emailed to me. I've had as many as 17 emails for the same form submission. The major change since this worked correctly is I moved from one VPS server at In Motion Hosting to another VPS server at In Motion Hosting. The way PHP runs on the new server is different from how it ran on the old server. I now have the ability to add a php.ini file to the site, where before I had to make all PHP adjustments through a .htaccess file. I'm running PHP 5.2 on the account, but have also tried 5.3 and 5.4 which didn't make a difference. I went back to 5.2 because this is the last setting that worked. I also upgraded the form mail script to the latest version, but this didn't help either. I have a feeling the issue is related to the server but have no idea how to diagnose this further. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated. Thank you, Dave.