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Thread: Trying to get FormMail installed

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    Question Trying to get FormMail installed

    I will freely admit I don't know much about PHP. I have been asked to re-develop a small non-profits website.  One of the things the project sponsor wants to use is  (you guessed it) FormMail.<br><br>I think I am doing it correctly but I am getting very slow responses and apparently I am typo-ing something.<br><br>I am using both my yahoo address and her website address and userid to try to find out what I am screwing up.<br><br>Here is the original website I am re-developing:<br>Here is the test-bed website:<br>Here is the contact form:<br>Here is the FormMail URL:;<br>The production e-mail address that this form needs to send to is:<br>The test e-mail address is:<br><br>I have setup Formmail.php to allow any address to, and  I have taken the original php file and pasted it into html form inside the <body></body> tags.  The file is re-named to formmail.php Should this line be something different?  <br><br><div><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /></div><div><br></div>I have setup the contact.html to point to<br><br>So what elementary thing am I doing wrong?  <img src="images/smilies/frown.png" border="0" alt="" title="Frown" smilieid="11" class="inlineimg"><br><br>Tom
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