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Thread: Yet another no recipients problem

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    Default Yet another no recipients problem

    I have the sample form working perfectly with ReCaptcha. (I had to use a real address instead of EMAIL_NAME; that never worked for me, but anyhow....) But when I paste the identical recaptcha code into the existing form I want to use it in, on submission I get the famous

    Error=The form has an internal error - no actions or recipients were specified.

    error. And following that are the entered form fields, including the recipient e-mail address I specified in the form. So there is a correct recipient specified that works in the sample form, and FormMail apparently knows about it. And the action is "Post," which has always worked before.

    What is going on? I'll be glad to attach bits of code or include the url of the problem form if it would help. I have tried the form in both Safari and Firefox with the same results.


    My hidden name was "recipient," not "recipients." As soon as I changed that all was well.
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