Hello all

I'm trying to use a payment processor to pick up a hidden field in my form. I can't however, pass a value.

I want to raise a variable called passnodecimal and pass it to the payment processor. The payment processor is written in PHP so I have used $TEMPLATEURL to tell formmail where to send the data.

In may main form I have specified:

<input type="hidden" name="passnodecimal" value="2500">

In formail.php I have specified:

$SESSION_ACCESS = array("passnodecimal");

In the sample PHP form supplied by the payment processor, a part reads:

In this example these values are hardcoded. In reality you may pass
these values from another script or take it from a database.
$amount = "3000";

So I have changed it to:

$amount = $_SESSION["passnodecimal"];

…after which it will be concatenated with a few other variables in the PHP and mangled into an MD5 hash.

This is the only value I need to pass, since the others are non-changing (currency, merchant number etc) or generated on-the-fly by the PHP itself (timestamp, order ID etc).

How can I get that value passed across? I know its something to do with session variables, but I'm stumped! Can anyone help?