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Thread: Warning: Unknown(/home/.sites/81/site81/web/questionnaire/formmail.php): failed to op

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    Default Warning: Unknown(/home/.sites/81/site81/web/questionnaire/formmail.php): failed to op

    Warning: Unknown(/home/.sites/81/site81/web/questionnaire/formmail.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0

    Warning: (null)(): Failed opening '/home/.sites/81/site81/web/questionnaire/formmail.php' for inclusion (include_path='') in Unknown on line 0

    Can any of you tell me why this is happening?

    By 'install the php file', does this mean just upload it?

    I created a directory called questionnaire and in that directory are 2 files, the form and the form mail. I used the sample form to test but I get the above errors.

    PLEASE help if you can.



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    Default Re: Warning: Unknown(/home/.sites/81/site81/web/questionnaire/formmail.php): failed to op

    yes and no.
    yes: you have to upload the formmail.php file, if you like, call it install.
    no: if you think you only have to do this.

    you have to configure the .php file as described inside the file (as already mentioned it's heavily documented) or, for minimal configurations, as described in the quickstart.txt, you also can read below here:

    Read This First
    This script is very heavily documented! It looks daunting, but
    really isn't.
    If you have experience with PHP or other scripting languages,
    here's what you *need* to read:
    - Features
    - Configuration (TARGET_EMAIL & DEF_ALERT)
    - Creating Forms
    That's it! (Alternatively, just read the Quick Start section below).

    Quick Start
    1. Edit this file and set TARGET_EMAIL for your requirements (approx
    line 2722 (Version 7.04) in this file - replace "yourhost\.com" with your mail server's
    name). We also strongly recommend you set DEF_ALERT (the next
    configuration below TARGET_EMAIL - line 2747).
    2. Install this file as formmail.php on your web server
    3. Create an HTML form and:
    - specify a hidden field called "recipients" with the email address
    of the person to receive the form's results.
    - specify method "post" (or "get") and an action set to
    the formmail.php you uploaded to your web server

    Once you have FormMail working, you may be interested in some advanced
    usage and features. We have HOW-TO guides at which
    describe many of the advanced processing you can do with FormMail.

    To accept HTTP POST information from a form and mail it to recipients.
    This version can also supply data to a TectiteCRM document, usually
    for insertion into the CRM database.

    What does this PHP script do?
    On your web site, you may have one or more HTML forms that accept
    information from people visiting your website. Your aim is for your
    website to email that information to you and/or add it to a database.
    formmail.php performs those functions.
    this means, you have to define the TARGET_EMAIL and as recommended the DEF_ALERT settings in the formmail.php file

    also you have to set the path to formmail.php in your html-form (... action="...." ...)
    <form method="post" action="" name="SampleForm">
    and the recipient
    <input type="hidden" name="recipients" value="" />
    if all these done correct, it should work.
    afterwards you got it working you can figure out some more features, therefore e.g. read the documentation inside the php-file and/or read the how-too guides...

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