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Thread: unkown problem help!!

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    Default unkown problem help!!


    I got this message:

    An error occurred while processing the form .

    Please contact us directly since this form is not working .
    We apologize for any inconvenience this error may have caused.

    Your form submission was processed by (7.04), available from

    I did this things:

    1. uploaded formmail.php ->

    2. I change the sample.htm

    the rest stayed the same...

    <!-- STEP 1: Put the full URL to formmail.php on your website in the 'action' value. -->

    <form method="post"
    name="SampleForm"> <input name="env_report"
    type="hidden"><!-- STEP 2: Put your email address in the 'recipients' value. Note that you also have to allow this email address in the $TARGET_EMAIL setting within formmail.php! -->
    <input name="recipients" value=""
    type="hidden"><!-- STEP 3: Specify required fields in the 'required' value -->
    <input name="required"
    value=" ,realname:MY Name"
    type="hidden"><!-- STEP 4: Put your subject line in the 'subject' value. -->
    <input name="subject" value="Testing" type="hidden">

    3. I uploaded you testside ->

    What have I done wrong?

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    Default Re: unkown problem help!!


    You need to configure formmail.php for your website.

    Read the information at the top.

    You need to set $TARGET_EMAIL and DEF_ALERT configuration settings.
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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    Talking Re: unkown problem help!!

    thanks a lot for your super quick answer russellr

    here is a quick howto just to make it run with formmail.php:

    change line 2720
    $TARGET_EMAIL = array("^$");

    change line 2745

    thats is all you need to change to run a test with the sample.htm...
    of course there a many other options...
    hope this is good for newbies like me...

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