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Thread: Does your server accept PHP?

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    Exclamation Does your server accept PHP?

    The following script will tell you about your webserver and its PHP configuration.

    Just create a file called phpinfo.php in the main directory of your webserver with the following contents:
     <?php phpinfo(); ?>
    Phpinfo provides lots of information, including the version of PHP you are using. You can use this information to ask your hosting provider to upgrade PHP, if required. A PHP version of 4.2.3 or later is good. Anything before that is very old.

    Now, using a browser, open it with

    If this doesn't work, try moving phpinfo.php to your CGI directory (e.g. cgi-bin), and use the URL

    Wherever you get phpinfo.php to work, that's where you need to install formmail.php.

    As this provides detailed information about server, you should remove the phpinfo.php file once you've examined the results.
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