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    this is probably wrong forum, but this is only one for wich I found don't have to pay and can post.

    and my question is:

    is there a forum where I can get help without paying?
    don't really want to use my, and anybody else, time if there is no free forum for help.


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    i think that you are just right here, because you have posted in the free support thread of the sub-forum "FormMail Support"

    Community Support
    Post questions here (for free) and other FormMail users may assist you.
    the only thing that would be is that russellr, the programmer of this script, probably would not be replying to posts in this thread, because, as i have observed in the past, it is rahter quite an expenditure of time to do this.
    but community members will do.. maybe not as fast as russellr did, but anyway..


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