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Thread: Is Formmail secure?

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    Default Is Formmail secure?

    I have been using this script for sometime without any problems that I am aware of.

    Today I received an e-mail from my hosting company asking me to stop using this script as it is not fully secure and it being used as a "dodge relay".

    They have asked me to switch to (

    The hosting company may believe that the script is Matt's Formmail in which case the security issue might be related to that script.

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    Default Re: Is Formmail secure?


    As far as we know, our FormMail is secure. No-one has ever reported a security problem with it.

    I suspect they thing it is Jack's FormMail, which is written in PHP, like our's.

    Both Matt's and Jack's have a long history of security problems and server break-ins.

    You can probably workaround their automatic scanning and subsequent warning by renaming "formmail.php" to say "fm.php" or "sendform.php", etc. Obviously, you need to change your HTML form(s) to set the action to the new name.
    Russell Robinson - Author of Tectite FormMail and FormMailDecoder

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    Default Re: Is Formmail secure?

    Many thanks for your reply, Russell.

    I have been happy with the security of the script and as I know the hosting company quite well, I have suggested that they look into your site with a view to implementing some of your software.

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