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Self Help

Save your time

If you need help getting started with FormMail we strongly recommend you use our Configuration Wizard to get a correct configuration of FormMail for your server.

This will save you a lot of time.

Following is the best documentation to get started:

If you're having email problems, we have a document about Solving Email Problems.

Getting personal help

We provide support through one of two methods:

Support via forums

Help available on our forums

Our free forums are a great way to get help from and give help to other FormMail users.

You can search and read without registering, but if you want post a question you need to register first.

Make sure you use the right forum for your question. In most cases the Community Support Forum is the place to go.

You can go directly to our support forums.

You can also just view all available forums.

Our support personnel are notified of all forum posts and, if appropriate, will respond within a few hours (if possible it might be within a few minutes!)

Note, however, we do not provide free support for our free products. Purchasers of our commercial products are entitled to support in accordance with their license agreement.

Support via email


Thanks you very much for your prompt assistance. I can't possibly tell you how important and helpful your assistance has been to me.

Ken Jones
Global Valuations

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Note, however, we do not provide free support for our free products.

Subscribing for Support

This is a completely automated process that's implemented via the payments feature in our forums.

The first step is to register for the forums. This gives you access to post messages in the free-to-post forums, such as our Community Support forum.

The second step is to make your payment. Once subscribed, you can also post messages in our FormMail Subscription Support forum.

You can either ask for support using that forum (recommended), or if you feel you need to keep information secret.

Please note that our support comes with a guarantee.

Wizard Support

A Configuration Wizard Subscription provides you with an easy-to-use way of configuring FormMail and forms.

It saves you time and effort, but does not mean you are purchasing FormMail. FormMail is a free product.

A Wizard Subscription does not, therefore, entitle you to support for FormMail. However, if you're having a problem with using the Wizard then you are welcome to for advice.