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Send Us a Secret

You can send us information in complete secrecy. This ensures that only Russell RobinsonOpens in a new window (owner of can view the information you send. Encrypted items you submit on this form are encrypted all the way to Russell's email inbox.

You can use this form to send us any secret information, including your server's login details. You might send us this so that we can provide direct support for you, for example.

You can check our privacy policy.

Note: only items marked with secure field are encrypted.

Please check that you provide your correct email address or we may not be able to contact you! Also, if you have any spam filters, please make sure you allow us to send you email (white listing). We respond to every legitimate email we receive, usually within a few hours.

To use our products and services you must agree to our Terms and ConditionsOpens in a new window.

If you're sending us information so we can provide support, please include the following details:

  • the URL to the form that you need assistance with (that's the HTML document, not FormMail)
  • the FTP or Control Panel URL for your server
  • the user name and password to access the FTP or Control Panel service

Please note there is a limit on the size of the message you can send us. You can send a lot but don't try to send us a book! If you need to include a lot of information, please send the basic information now and when we reply to your email you can attach or include the rest.