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Getting Started with Form Processing


Learn the basics with our online tutorials:

Quick start...

The quickest way to get started is with our low-cost Configuration Wizard.

If you're a novice, then please review our available tutorials to learn what you need to get started.

To use an HTML form with FormMail, you need to configure two files:

  1. Your HTML file containing your form. Your form tells FormMail what it wants to happen when it is submitted.
  2. FormMail - you need to set it up for your requirements so that your web site is protected from abuse.

If you're ready to get started, view our FormMail Introduction.

Configuration Reference

Select from the following titles to get started with a D-I-Y manual setup of FormMail.

How-To Guides

Start slowly!

Our How-To guides explain advanced form processing features.

Always get a form working with basic operation first, before trying any features in the How-To guides.

Our How-To guides provide detailed and step-by-step instructions on using advanced FormMail features.


Tectite FormMail implements a powerful set of advanced features to help you get the best results from your web site forms.

In most cases, these features are easy to implement yourself using a simple text editor, such as Windows Notepad.

You can use our comprehensive, step-by-step How-To guides below to implement these advanced features.

Before you start...

Before attempting to use any advanced features of FormMail, always get your form working in its basic usage first.

List of How-To Guides