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Form Encryption


Strong encryption for your forms.

Protect form submissions before they leave your server. Provide end-to-end security for your customers.

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Strong encryption

  • Increase confidence in your web site.
  • Protect your customers' information.
  • Collect credit card details securely.
  • Be more professional: ensure that your customers' information is safe from eavesdroppers.

Server-side is free

FormMailEncoder is the software you install on your server. FormMailEncoder is free of charge and you can install it on any number of servers.


FormMailEncoder/Decoder implements state-of-the-art encryption technology that has been adopted by the US Government as a standard for cryptographic applications.

Low one-time license fee

FormMailDecoder is a Windows program that you can license for a one-time license fee. Discounts available for bulk purchases.

How does it work?

FormMailEncoder is a server application that encrypts your website visitors' form submissions. FormMailEncoder works with FormMail to encrypt the data sent from your website forms via email.

FormMailDecoder runs on your Windows PC to decrypt the data encrypted by FormMailEncoder.

You can use FormMailEncoder/Decoder to securely collect credit card details and other information from your customers and visitors.

More information

You can read more about FormMailEncoder/Decoder in the product help section.

  • Form submissions without FormMailEncoder are insecure!

    A form submission from a customer travels across the World Wide Web to your server. It then travels to you via email.

    Throughout its journey, your customer's data is in clear text and is viewable by any eavesdropper!

    The HTTPS protocol only achieves partial security.

  • You need HTTPS and FormMailEncoder

    For full end-to-end security you need HTTPS between the user's browser and your server, then FormMailEncoder to encrypt the data from your server to your email inbox.

    The HTTPS protocol only achieves partial security.

    FormMailEncoder provides the security that HTTPS lacks - from your server to you.

  • How secure is FormMailEncoder/Decoder?

    FormMailEncoder uses the AES algorithm with a 128-bit key. The key is randomly generated for each message (i.e. each form submission) using truly random values supplied by your server's operating system. It protects this key using the RSA Public Key algorithm with a 2304-bit modulus.

    At current estimates, it would take a huge network of the fastest computers well over 50 years to guess a message key and decrypt the message.

  • Key management

    You can generate any number of RSA key pairs using FormMailDecoder. Each key pair is stored securely (using a password you choose) in a file on your local hard disk.

    You can copy a key file to other computers thereby allowing additional staff to decrypt messages with their copy of FormMailDecoder.

    In this way, several people in your organization can be authorized to view the encrypted messages from your forms.


FormMailEncoder is the software you install on your server. FormMailEncoder is free of charge and you can install it on any number of servers.

FormMailDecoder decrypts the emails that have been encrypted by FormMailEncoder. It also creates and manages your Private and Public Key pairs.

You purchase one license of FormMailDecoder for each PC that you want to use for decrypting messages.

The price for FormMailDecoder is just:


Outside Australia

Australian residents

One-time license fee



Australian pricing includes Goods and Services Tax.

FormMailDecoder comes with full documentation and free support for 30 days. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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System requirements


FormMailDecoder runs on any Windows PC. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, you need to download additional software from Microsoft so that you can read our extensive documentation (Help menu).

To use FormMailDecoder on an Apple Macintosh, you can use Windows emulator software for the Mac such as Parallels, VMWare Fusion, or the free Wine for Mac.

Please contact us if you'd like a free trial of FormMailEncoder/Decoder.


A binary of FormMailEncoder is available for Linux, Windows, BSD, and Sun operating systems.

To setup FormMail and FormMailEncoder, you need to first install FormMailDecoder on your Windows PC. We don't provide a direct download for FormMailEncoder - even though it's a free product - because you can't test it until you've got FormMailDecoder and generated your encryption keys.

Please contact us if you'd like a free trial of FormMailEncoder/Decoder.

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I am so glad I have found your FormMail script and FormMail Encoder/Decoder!

They are robust, have great features and are easy to install, configure and use. Very impressed with the care and competence with which you have addressed security and spam attack issues.

The forums, the how-to guides and the support team are a great help. The upgrade wizard to update the script when an improved version is available is simply terrific. Well done!

Lina Zaproudi

Thanks for a great product (your FormMail and FormMailEncoder/Decoder).

It has really helped us get a simple but effective online ordering system up and running.

Marcus Young


About Web Cryptography

Cryptography is the technology of protecting data so that only an authorized person can view it.

On the Web, the HTTPS protocol (URLs that begin with https:// and show a lock icon in your browser) is the most common form of cryptography and we all rely on it to protect our credit cards, bank accounts, and other private information.

Check out the short movie that shows how this works:

HTTPs Only Movie

The only problem is that HTTPS works from the user's browser to your server. After their private data reaches your server it is no longer protected.

This is where FormMailEncoder fills the gap!

FormMailEncoder provides the encryption from your server to your email inbox.

By utilizing HTTPS protocol to your server and FormMailEncoder from your server to you, you can provide end-to-end encryption for your customers and web site visitors.

Check out the short movie that shows how FormMailEncoder adds to your web site security:

FormMailEncoder Movie