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Below is a list of sites we recommend. We encourage you to visit these sites if you are interested in what they have to offer.

Cheap web hosting guide
Web Hosting Search has given Tectite FormMail an award for Best Form Processing Tool. Best Web Tool
Websiteservice4all - Web Site Design and Services
We presented the design brief and they designed our new website's look and feel. If you like our site, then we recommend you talk with them about their services.
Satori Marketing, Advertising, and Design
Excellent web design consultants who are honest, open, and professional.
Bradsworth Design
Excellent graphic designers with creative flair and down-to-earth knowledge.
Add floating social media share buttons to your website or blog.
World Times
Find out the time here in Australia, or anywhere!
Save Web page content with Surfulater, your Internet Research Tool.
Find all sorts of scripts here, including Tectite FormMail.
Excellent company for dedicated servers. This is the company we use!
Tor Andreassen's Home Page
Tor kindly produced the Norsk (Norwegian) Translation of FormMail.
LS Europa
Lioudmila Sørensen kindly produced the Russian Translation of FormMail.
Mr Search: Google AdWords Marketing Experts
This organization really knows AdWords and Search Engine Optimization. They are good people to deal with and we highly recommend them.
We've used some of the icons supplied by this site.

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