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Self Help

Save your time

If you need help getting started with FormMail we strongly recommend you use our Configuration Wizard to get a correct configuration of FormMail for your server.

This will save you a lot of time.

Following is the best documentation to get started:

If you're having problems receiving email from your form, we have a document about Solving Email Problems.

Email problems are usually due to your server's restrictions or setup. So, why not try our Hosted Forms Service and avoid all issues with your server or hosting provider?

There's a free plan, so it will cost you nothing!

Getting personal help

FormMail is free, so, we can't provide you with free support too.

However, we back our free products as well as our commercial products.

Please contact us if you need help.

Support via email


So I think Tectite is the absolute best site on the net! and your support has been incredibly fast, friendly and helpful.

I've been searching for some time for a PHP course because I'm basically self taught in web development and struggle with form processing outside a CMS.

Now because of your fantastic work, I don't need it - for forms, at least.

Sharlene Chapman

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Note, however, we do not provide free support for our free products.

Paying for Support

Please contact us if you need help. We'll discuss any question you have, first, and if you need to purchase support, we'll invoice you.

Wizard Support

A Configuration Wizard Subscription provides you with an easy-to-use way of configuring FormMail and forms.

It saves you time and effort, but does not mean you are purchasing FormMail. FormMail is a free product.

A Wizard Subscription does not, therefore, entitle you to support for FormMail. However, if you're having a problem with using the Wizard then you are welcome to for advice.