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If you're a web expert, just download the ZIP package and get started...

Download FormMail ZIP file.

However, even experts find our low-cost Configuration Wizard saves them so much time and effort, it's worth the small price (and helps us to keep improving FormMail).

Easy Setup

The easiest way to download Tectite FormMail is to use our Configuration Wizard. It asks you some questions and provides a complete package with FormMail ready to run on your website. The Configuration Wizard is available as a low-cost subscription (but, you can try it out and test your forms on our server for free).


If you already use Tectite FormMail or Matt's Perl FormMail or NMS Perl FormMail, you can upgrade to the latest version or convert to Tectite FormMail using the Upgrade Wizard.

Do-It-Yourself Configuration

Alternatively, you can just download FormMail. This provides the unconfigured original source code together with an unconfigured sample form. You receive a free copy of FormMail that you can configure manually for yourself.

For a good tutorial about setting up FormMail manually, check out Terry Allen's Guide.

For documentation about the configuring HTML forms to use Tectite FormMail, check out the guide to Creating HTML Forms.

For documentation about the configuration settings, check out the FormMail Configuration Reference.

For advanced FormMail usage, check out the FormMail How-To guides.