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What is FormMailDecoder?

FormMailDecoder is a program that can decrypt messages encrypted by FormMailEncoder.

You can use FormMailDecoder and FormMailEncoder to safely collect credit card and other information from your customers.

You install FormMailEncoder on your server computer and use it with a script like FormMail to encrypt form results. When you receive these encrypted form results in your email's Inbox, you can use FormMailDecoder to decrypt them and read the results.

Once the encrypted message leaves the server, only you (with your secret key and password) can decrypt the message.

This means your customers' information is kept hidden from eavesdroppers.

Using FormMailEncoder on your server

You can use FormMailEncoder with any FormMail script, and you can obtain a free version from

You can use FormMailEncoder to encode information or messages obtained from any CGI program – you don't have to use a FormMail script.

Strong cryptography

FormMailDecoder and FormMailEncoder use the best strong cryptography to ensure that no-one can view encrypted messages without your permission.

How it all works together

The following diagram shows how FormMailDecoder and FormMailEncoder work together in a typical scenario with FormMail. You can read a description of the process in the topic Getting started with FormMailDecoder and FormMailEncoder.

How it works diagram