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This page documents the CHECK_FOR_NEW_VERSION configuration setting in FormMail.

Type Of Setting

CHECK_FOR_NEW_VERSION is an OPTIONAL setting, which means...

OPTIONAL : you can change this setting if you need to, but the default value is fine for most circumstances.


Controls automatic check for updates to FormMail.


Set CHECK_FOR_NEW_VERSION to false if you don't want FormMail to check for a new version and report it to you.

The check is made once every 30 days or if your server is rebooted (or its system directory/folder for temporary files is cleaned).

Prior to FormMail version 7.01, the check was made every 3 days and was not configurable.

If a new version is found, then this is reported to you via an Alert.

FormMail attempts to create a unique file in your server's temporary file directory/folder (e.g. /tmp on Linix) to record when it last performed a version check. The unique file name is derived from your TARGET_EMAIL setting, to avoid file name clashes on shared hosting servers.

If you provide a value for SCRATCH_PAD, then that directory/folder is used instead of the server's temporary directory/folder (/tmp). If your web server software cannot write to your server's temporary directory/folder, set SCRATCH_PAD if you want version checks.

The setting CHECK_DAYS specifies the number of days between checks (if your server is rebooted, a check may be made regardless).

Default Value

From version 9 onwards:


Before version 9:



From version 9 onwards:


Before version 9:


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