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CSV File Settings

This page documents the CSV File configuration settings in FormMail.

Type Of Setting

CSV File Settings are OPTIONAL settings, which means...

OPTIONAL : you can change these settings if you need to, but the default values are fine for most circumstances.


Controls the separators used in CSV files.


If you're creating a CSV file (database) on your server, you can choose the field and line separators.

The settings are:

CSVSEP comma separator between fields (columns)
CSVINTSEP the separator for fields (columns) with multiple values (checkboxes, etc.)
CSVQUOTE all fields in the CSV are quoted with this character; default is double quote. You can change it to single quote or leave it empty for no quotes
CSVOPEN set to "b" to force line terminations to be kept as CSVLINE setting below, regardless of operating system. Keep as empty string and leave CSVLINE unchanged, to get text file terminations for your target operating system. (Line feed on UNIX/Linux, carriage-return line feed on Windows).
CSVLINE line termination for CSV files. The default is a single line feed. You can set the value for the operating system on which you'll read the CSV file. If you want to change this value, you must set CSVOPEN = "b".

The defaults below will suit most purposes.

Default Value

$CSVSEP = ",";
$CSVQUOTE = '"';
$CSVOPEN = "";
$CSVLINE = "\n";


$CSVQUOTE = "'";   // single quotes
$CSVSEP = "\t";    // tab separated fields
$CSVOPEN = "b";    // for Apple Macintosh
$CSVLINE = "\r";   // for Apple Macintosh

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