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This page documents the DEF_ALERT configuration setting in FormMail.

Type Of Setting

DEF_ALERT is a RECOMMENDED setting, which means...

RECOMMENDED : you *should* change this setting. FormMail will work with the default value, but you may lose functionality if you don't modify this setting for your system.

NOTE: this setting is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you do not provide a valid email address for alert messages, then FormMail cannot tell you about errors or faults on your server.


Default alert address.


Set DEF_ALERT to the email address that will be sent any alert messages (such as errors) from FormMail.

If you're developing the form, then you should put your email address in this value.

DEF_ALERT is only used if an 'alert_to' field is not provided by the form. If neither alert_to nor DEF_ALERT are provided, no alerts are sent.

DEF_ALERT can be any email address and it's independent of the TARGET_EMAIL setting, whereas an 'alert_to' field in the form must match the TARGET_EMAIL setting.

If you set DEF_ALERT, you can do some initial tests with your browser. Just open this URL (replacing with your domain name, of course):

Default Value

No default value


From version 9 onwards:

$DEF_ALERT = "";

Before version 9:


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