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This page documents the EMAIL_NAME configuration setting in FormMail.

Type Of Setting

EMAIL_NAME is a LEAVE setting, which means...

LEAVE : you can change this setting if you really need to and know what you're doing, but we recommend that you leave this setting unchanged.


Match email address user names.


EMAIL_NAME is a set of characters that you can use for your target email user names (the text before the "@" in TARGET_EMAIL settings).

The pattern we've provided as a default doesn't match every valid user name in an email address, but, since these email addresses are ones you'll choose and are part of your organisation, the limited set is generally no problem.

If you want to use other user names, then you need to change the pattern accordingly or just use full email address settings in TARGET_EMAIL.

We recommend that you don't modify this pattern, but, rather, use conforming email user names as your target email addresses.

NOTE: the pattern is processed case-insensitively, so there's no need to provide upper and lower case values.

Default Value

From version 9 onwards:

$EMAIL_NAME = "^[-a-z0-9.]+";

Before version 9:


This will match names like:

  • russellr
  • russ.robinson
  • russ61robbo
  • russ-j-robinson

Note that the ^ at the start is an important security feature. FormMail will send you an alert if your TARGET_EMAIL settings don't begin with this character.

The ^ character says that the name must start matching at the beginning of the email address.

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