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This page documents the FILE_REPOSITORY configuration setting in FormMail.

Type Of Setting

FILE_REPOSITORY is an OPTIONAL setting, which means...

OPTIONAL : you can change this setting if you need to, but the default value is fine for most circumstances.


Sets the directory/folder for storing uploaded files.


Set FILE_REPOSITORY to the directory/folder path on your server where uploaded files are to be stored. If you set this to a directory path, then uploaded files are saved there instead of being attached to the email.

Setting to an empty string disables the server-side storage and uploaded files are sent by email as an attachment.

Unless you want the general public to download the files uploaded to your server you should place the FILE_REPOSITORY directory/folder above your Document Root or protect it with a .htaccess file or similar web server security mechanism.

Default Value



$FILE_REPOSITORY = "/home/mysite/public_html/uploaded";
$FILE_REPOSITORY = "/home/mysite/uploaded";

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