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Hosted FormMail

Hosted FormMail

Get a working contact form on your website for free in minutes.

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Install a working contact form on your website in minutes, absolutely free! Our secure anti-spam form processor is personalized to your requirements and sends you form results via email.

Please read about the features of the Plans we offer.

Upgrades Available

Select one of our paid plans to get even more features and capacity from your Hosted Forms service.

Please read about the features of the Plans we offer.


Your Hosted Forms service has automatic anti-spam processing that keeps form spam out of your inbox. Select even more anti-spam features for your specific requirements. This is a critical feature when you select your form to email system.

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Tectite's form processing technology has a long history with no serious security vulnerabilities - a major reason to select the right service for your contact form, feedback forms, or any form you need to create.

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Your service helping us analyze problems with our 'Contact Us' form and in switching to your hosted service was superb.

I'm a demanding user since I did doctoral studies in MIS (which, of course, does not mean I know anything about PHP and related implementation problems, LOL, you know how this goes!).

Thanks for helping us get our website's form working as needed. You're one awesome fellow Mr. Robinson!

Thank you!

Rebecca Hoover

Thanks so much with your help (and adding functionality) to this.

I am a relative newbie to HTML and quite happy to have the form working as needed now. It had functioned on the Website for years perfectly but a recent hosting company change was stopping a lot of emails from being received.

This hosted solution seems to be perfect as all emails have been accounted for thus far.

Marc Fritzer

Why Hosted Forms?

Does your hosting provider make you "jump through hoops" to get your forms to send email?

You might have forms working for years and then your hosting provider updates the server and BANG! - your forms stop working unexpectedly and without notice. You can lose business!

By using our Hosted Forms service, you'll get peace of mind:

  • our server will always send you email with your form results
  • we'll store your form results
  • we'll log your form activity and send you reports
  • you'll get the full anti-spam features of FormMail to protect you from annoying form spam.

Simply put, our hosted forms service is the quickest way to get a working contact form on your website for free.

Of course you have control over your hosted forms settings so you can choose how this service works for you.