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Purchase a Software License

On this page, you can purchase:

  • one or more licenses for FormMailDecoder
  • a source code license for the FormMail Computation Module (and receive the FormMail GeoIP Module free!)

All you need is a valid credit card. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase by post or fax, please contact us.

Purchasing FormMailDecoder

FormMailDecoder Discounts

The more licenses you order the larger your discount.

Discounts start at 10% for two licenses (do you have a notebook computer that also needs FormMailDecoder?) up to 25% for ten licenses.

Discounts only apply within the same order, so you must purchase your multiple licenses at the same time to receive a discount.

Simply purchase one or more licenses and we'll send you a unique Call Home Code and instructions for downloading the software.

You can purchase up to 10 licenses with our order form below. If you would like to purchase more licenses, please contact us.

FormMailDecoder comes with a 30-day money back guarantee! If, for any reason, you wish to stop using FormMailDecoder within 30 days we'll refund your full purchase price.

Purchasing the FormMail Computation Module

Simply purchase a license and we'll send you the software including a free copy of the FormMail GeoIP Module.

Currently, only a Source Code license is available for the FM Computation Module. Shortly, a lower-cost option will be available.

The Source Code license includes 3 months support at no additional cost and allows you to use the Computation Module on any website you own.

Purchase Now

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