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Thanks for a great product (your FormMail and FormMailEncoder/Decoder).

It has really helped us get a simple but effective online ordering system up and running.

Marcus Young

I just want to say thanks for making FormMail and FormMailDecoder available.

Both are working well on the website I created for my clients at Star One Finance.

I really could not have tackled the project without your software.

Chris Parrish

Back in 2003 we needed a way to encrypt sensitive email coming from our site, so I spent many hours wrestling with GPG/PGP to achieve this and we used that system until very recently when we updated to Windows 7.

To be honest I did not want to have that headache all over again, so I did some research and found Tectite's Formmail system, I did have few questions during the setting up process, but these were all answered very quickly and the set up was easy.

In addition when you compare the cost of Tectite's system to that of PGP and the hours spent setting up a GPG/PGP system, it's a no brainer, the Tectite system wins hands down every time.

Dave Austin

I am so glad I have found your FormMail script and FormMail Encoder/Decoder!

They are robust, have great features and are easy to install, configure and use. Very impressed with the care and competence with which you have addressed security and spam attack issues.

The forums, the how-to guides and the support team are a great help. The upgrade wizard to update the script when an improved version is available is simply terrific. Well done!

Lina Zaproudi