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Russell Robinson's form processing program is a very professional and well designed PHP Script.

It has all of the acknowledge, reply, and assimilation of data in SQL of CSV files functions that many have.

But the extended features, nuances, and protection against the dark side of the web are cutting edge.

The best feature was Russell himself making everything work perfectly with my scripts, my web host, in spite of attacks from alien bots trying to find ways into my site.

His charge was modest and his service impeccable. I whole heartedly recommend the script and Russell.

You have done an excellent job with this. I am a third generation marketing guy here at 1staff and our form was greatly outdated. Your upgrade system and documentation is one of the best I have ever seen.

Thanks a bunch guys!

David Burget , Marketing and Design Specialist

Many thanks for your help, your solution worked great. I did use the wizard to create the formmail.php but i manually created the forms by examining the example provided. Once again thanks for your help.

Michael Woodward

I just wanted to say that what you guys do is completely awesome!!

I've been reluctant to Upgrade my FormMail because I didn't want to miss something in the new config, but I just discovered you have an Upgrade Wizard - it completely rocks!!

Made everything a snap and I can't thank you enough!! IT can be a unsung hero sometimes, so I just wanted to say keep up the great work!

Marcus Schreiber

Dear Tectite Team -

I wanted to thank you for the exceptional work you did in creating the contact form for my studio website, and for incorporating effective reverse-Captcha anti-SPAM code that potential customers don't even know is there, preventing online bot abuse while keeping my form streamlined, elegant to the user, and easily integrated into my CSS stylesheet.

Your turnaround time was extremely fast, and I couldn't have asked for better customer support -- polite, knowledgeable, and intuitive.

You gave me the end product I was looking for (actually, BETTER than I had in mind -- you guided me in a direction that suited my customer's needs perfectly), and for a very reasonable fee.

I will definitely use your service again, and will highly recommend Tectite to others in need of top-notch form design. You guys are amazing!

Trey Xander, Jevin Studios

Just wanted to say thanks for your great form processor. I've finally got it working 100% with templates etc, and it is brilliant. Thank you.

Sandra Nichelsen

Just a quick note of thanks for your formmail script. I've been using it for years and it's flawless.

When I first started using it I paid for support to help modify the script to rename uploaded files with specific time and date as well as a few other things.

Money well spent. I've been afraid to update the script in fear of losing my changes but after a server PHP upgrade, it was time since I was getting some errors with the old formmail and new PHP.

I ran the wizard and was thrilled to see that all my functionality was still intact with the updated script. I couldn't be more happy!

Thanks again for the great product. Amazing that it's free.

Michael Adams

I've been using your product for years (paid wizard upgrades even!), and really appreciate your work.

The documentation is awesome, especially for someone who is largely clueless about php. And the personal support you provide is phenomenal.

Kristin Pintarich

I am not a developer or an IT person by any means, but using your instructions and the upgrade wizard from your website I was able to upgrade the script to v9.14 and it fixed the issue.

Thank you for creating the upgrade wizard, which is so ridiculously easy to use!

Sergei Baskakov

Discovering and implementing Tectite's formmail.php was a very pleasant way for me to tick "Find a modern, easy-to-use, safe web-form solution" off my to-do list. When I wanted to add reCaptcha to the form, the support was fantastic, fast and simple to implement.

This led me to asking Russell to help me with Invisible reCaptcha on a different form too, which was tricky as 2 different implementations of reCaptcha are being employed on 2 different forms on the same page.

He impressed me with his persistence, thoroughness and that I felt I could trust him even though upfront payment is required and I am more than 10 000km away on a different continent. He did not disappoint and delivered right on schedule.

My website, and all my clients' websites will benefit from this - many thanks Russell and Tectite!

Ronel Pieterse
South Africa

Website Silk

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your Tectite FormMail program... I've tried quite a few form processing scripts both paid and free and yours is by far the very best...I only wish I had found you earlier!!

Dr John M. Bolton

I knew less about scripting than I did about interpreting Khazakstani hand-writing, but with the aid of your FormMail script and a wet towel round my head, I now have a working website which brings me text and uploaded jpeg files, and allows me to charge a fee via Paypal.

Last month I couldn't even spell FormMail - now I am using one (Tectite's) - and it says so at the foot of my website!


Thank you so much for your wonderful scripts!

Josh Miller, Business Development Manager
New Logic Research, Inc.

Just wanted to let you know your FormMail script rocks! I've been using it for a few years and just upgraded (thanks to your nifty wizard it took just a few minutes to upgrade) I've searched/reviewed pretty much every form script out there and yours is by far the best I've ever used! Thanks so much!

Nicola Turner , Web Developer

You ROCK -- the new ATTACK DETECTION works beautifully!!!!!!

Bruce Martinsen

I am so glad I have found your FormMail script and FormMail Encoder/Decoder!

They are robust, have great features and are easy to install, configure and use. Very impressed with the care and competence with which you have addressed security and spam attack issues.

The forums, the how-to guides and the support team are a great help. The upgrade wizard to update the script when an improved version is available is simply terrific. Well done!

Lina Zaproudi

I just wanted to offer a really HUGE thanks for the script and the support that is here.

I am no tech genius by any standard and had looked at/tried other similar scripts that were just either competely ordinary or way beyond what I wanted to learn.

This works perfectly and has a great, simple interface.

Well done!

Steve Hoagland

As a complete novice at writing script, I am very impressed at what FormMail has enabled me to do for our club website. Our requirements were very simple in that we needed a form to permit members to book training in advance and I volunteered myself to give it a go.

FormMail made the process so easy to handle, after a few initial teething problems for which I got great help from the Forum, and we now have a working system which takes our admin a great leap forward.

Neil Gordon-Lee

I want to take a moment out of my very hectic schedule to THANK YOU for your wonderful website.

I've been an off-and-on as-needed webmaster for my own business websites since the mid-90's.

NEVER have I been so impressed with a website.

Your optimizer took us step by step and within 30 minutes of finding your site on google, I had a working form and script uploaded to my website.

I NEVER knew what a script did, and had NO idea what to expect.

With my minimal html knowledge and MS Publisher, I got my previously abandoned form page up and running (another company's server which hosted the script has been down for 2 days). Now the script is on MY site and I dont have to worry about THEM being down.

I will spread the word about your wonderful service.

Feel free to post any or all of this letter on your site as a may include my contact info as well if people want to talk to me...I'm THAT impressed.

Thanks for a wonderful product...keep up the good work.

Jason Hoffman, President

I just wanted to say WOW!

I have been struggling with trying to get a form to work in frontpage and within 15 minutes I had a fully functioning form using your brilliant FormMail.

Ian Fearn

Just want to thank you. You made it possible cause I couldn't have done it.

Joseph Cook

Russell and Company,

I just want to say Thank You for creating FormMail. It works beautifully and your documentation is superb.

My webhost discontinued support of the Frontpage server extensions, leaving me with forms that no longer worked. Until I found FormMail. Now I am back in business with a form-to-email program that works great!

Again, a hearty Thanks for all you've done.

James Ivey
Dallas, Texas

I seldom take the time to write to vendors but so often you come across products that do not do what they claim or aren't near as simple as they claim so when you find one that DOES I feel compelled to send them my thanks.

FormMail was simple to set up and does exactly what it says it will do. It was extremely simple to set up a basic version of FormMail and although I have just begun to explore all the options (I have only added more fields and redirect pages), I have found it very easy to customize and tweak for my website.

My company is about to debut our new website to replace the old and poorly designed site we have up now and this will be our form mailer of choice. Thanks for creating a product that does what it says it will do, simple and easy with clear instructions.

Novice User. Set up a form on one site and it worked! Been inundated with spam suddenly on another site I have with (50 overnight). Just spent 5 mins. to install Tectite there too and can't wait to see an end to THAT! Thanks again!

I LOVE that I was able to actually figure out a form with upload for our site. I was pretty darned proud when that baby worked!

After wasting a lot of time with other scripts, I have just succeeded using FormMail with the first web form that I have set up by myself.

I'm most impressed with the care and effort that you put into the error message system - they actually indicate where the errors are (mine of course)!

I've been an non-expert PC user for over 20 years and never thought that I would see the day!

Colin Rochester

Just downloaded your formmail script. It works great. Your instructions are very clear and very helpful. This is a very well thought-out and well implemented piece of software. Thank you so much.

Jane Hadley
Seattle, WA

I just wanted to send you some Fan Mail about your FormMail! The forms and redirect work great now, thanks to your extraordinary technical support. It was a pleasure to find someone so competent, clear, and compassionate in the cold, hard world of computer code.

Bonnie Mettler


I cannot thank you guys enough for this form mailer! After countless hours of headaches through godaddy's gdform.php, I changed 3 things in Tectite FormMail and everything on my site is working absolutely beautifuly now.

The help section on the site was absolutely fantastic as well!!

I just had to thank you a million times! You saved my life!


Everything is working just fine now. I stayed up till about 3:00 A.M. reading your documentation.

WOW what a powerful script!!! You thought of everything.

I have evaluated many form handlers but you are in a league all of your own. Thanks again.

With Kind Regards,

I have checked and our forms seem to be working correctly. Hurray!

What did you do? Whatever it was, you rock! You have been extremely helpful and I am very grateful.

I know it's silly but I will sleep better tonight knowing these forms work.

Thank you so much for taking the extra time to provide unbelievably good customer service even when you didn't have to.

Feel free to quote me as a testimonial as I would recommend your service to anyone with the need to get forms working on their website.

Kyle T.

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

I figured out the problem. I so appreciate your product - saved me a ton of money.


Hello Tectite Support Team,

I just had to email you and say THANK YOU!!!

As a long time person using your Formmail PHP on many sites, I have had my share of "WHY CAN'T I GET THIS TO WORK!" and every time I visit the Tectite site, I get the answers.

Your site is always up to date with NEW information and updates to keep the BEST Formmail system on the planet (IMHO).

Thank you....

Your FormMail is wonderful!

I have just learned it (some of it) and have implemented it within the last month. It is very powerful; it allows me to do much more than my previous formmail (based on Matt's FormMail).

The more I use it, the more I am amazed at its capabilities. I have used it to properly handle credit card submissions, which no longer come to our business itself, for security reasons.

I am very pleased with it, and will continue to learn it.

Tim Van Ryn, webmaster

Excellent, excellent, excellent script and tutorial!

I've tried numerous feedback scripts on my Windows server and NOTHING worked!

With just a little customization, your script worked fine the first time!

I had one problem where it came back with no valid recipients.

But after I signed up for your forum, I immediately found out where I made the error and fixed it before I even posted a question!

Keep up the good work, I will support anything you guys do.

Robert Harris

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your superb FormMail code.

I'm a web designer but I've always been wary of implementing web forms mainly because of the threat of security risks and spam. I've tried countless forms [processors] across the web and I've even tried writing my own from scratch and none of them have been very successful.

I discovered FormMail and after a bit of work implementing it I now have a proper, reliable web form on my site.

Thank you very much for all the work you've put into this excellent product. I'd recommend it to anyone.

John Robinson