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FormMail Wizards

Welcome to the FormMail Wizards page!

We can now offer you a Configuration Wizard and an Upgrade Wizard.

FormMail Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard helps you easily download a FormMail that's already configured and ready to run on your website.

To use the FormMail Configuration Wizard, simply start the Wizard and follow the step-by-step instructions.

FormMail Upgrade Wizard

The Upgrade Wizard helps you easily upgrade your current FormMail to the latest version.

To use the FormMail Upgrade Wizard, simply start the Wizard and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Note: the Upgrade Wizard understands FormMail from our website ( and the Perl FormMail from Matt's Script Archive or NMS FormMail.

As an overview, this is what the Wizard does:

  1. The Wizard will ask you to upload your current formmail.php or script.
  2. It examines the configuration section in your current FormMail and copies the values into the latest formmail.php version.
  3. On completion it provides you with a ZIP download file containing:
    • Your original FormMail (the one you uploaded), unchanged.
    • A README.txt file, containing important information.
    • The latest formmail.php with your configuration settings already installed.

FormMail Upgrade Wizard Limitations

There are some things the Upgrade Wizard cannot do. These are:

  • As already mentioned, it can only upgrade our FormMail scripts as well as Matt's FormMail or NMS FormMail, not other FormMail scripts.
  • It only copies values from the configuration section. If you've changed formmail.php outside the configuration section, the Wizard cannot detect your changes and they will not be copied to the new version.
  • If you've added your own comments into the configuration section, these will not be copied to the new version.
  • If your current FormMail is syntactically invalid, then the Upgrade Wizard may not correctly copy across your configuration section values. The Wizard works with a correct FormMail script, but with an incorrect FormMail script the results are undefined.

Start the FormMail Upgrade Wizard

If you're ready to upgrade, you can start the FormMail Upgrade Wizard.