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This page documents the FORM_INI_FILE configuration setting in FormMail.

Type Of Setting

FORM_INI_FILE is an OPTIONAL setting, which means...

OPTIONAL : you can change this setting if you need to, but the default value is fine for most circumstances.


Sets the file name for the INI file.


Set FORM_INI_FILE to the file name on your server where you keep secret settings for your forms.

The INI file is how you hide email addresses, force particular conditions, or other settings that you don't want exposed in the HTML.

Note that your INI file should be protected from access via the web. You can do this by placing it above your Document Root directory/folder or blocking access using a .htaccess file (for Apache) or similar web server feature.

Default Value



$FORM_INI_FILE = "/home/mysite/public_html/formmail/formmail.ini";
$FORM_INI_FILE = "/home/mysite/formmail.ini";

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