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This page documents the MODULEDIR configuration setting in FormMail.

Type Of Setting

MODULEDIR is an OPTIONAL setting, which means...

OPTIONAL : you can change this setting if you need to, but the default value is fine for most circumstances.


Sets the directory/folder for FormMail modules.


Set MODULEDIR to the directory on your server where you install FormMail compatible modules.

The default value ('.' for current directory) is suitable if you install modules in the same directory as formmail.php.

Because modules may be accessible from internet browsers, you may wish to install them in a different directory, which you can protect from unauthorized access.

The modules we provide are generally safe from unauthorized access but we still recommend you use a separate directory for modules and protect it from unauthorized access using a .htaccess file or equivalent for your web server.

If you are reserving a directory for FormMail modules, set the directory in this configuration setting.

NOTE: on Windows servers, use '/' instead of '\' or double the '\' like this:




Default Value


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