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Our Wizards: Your Privacy

The Tectite FormMail Configuration Wizard asks you for a number of details, including your email address, so that it can configure FormMail and a sample HTML form for your requirements.

The details required include:

  • your domain name
  • your email address

Our guarantee:

  1. We will not store or record the email address(es) you enter into the Wizard.
  2. We will not use these email address(es) to send you any spam.
  3. We will not give away or sell your email address to anyone.

The Wizard has a test feature. It uses the email address you enter to send you the test results. You can choose not use the test feature.

Our business is dedicated to fighting spam. Tectite FormMail has many features specifically designed to thwart spammers.

We do store your domain name in our log files. We do this so that we can collate statistics about the number of sites using FormMail. Remember: FormMail is free for you to use on your website(s).

Note, however, when you purchase a Wizard Subscription, the retailer you purchase from does record your name, email address and other details. As part of the sales process, these details are passed onto us. This is necessary for tracking sales and issuing refunds.

We will not contact you via your Subscription email address or other contact details unless you contact us first. Email addresses and other details for Wizard Subscriptions are removed from our database after a period of time - we do not store them permanently.

If you're not happy with these policies, you can download FormMail in its original source format and configure it manually using the instructions provided.

You can also read our full privacy policy.