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FormMail Configuration Wizard

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Do-It-Yourself for free

You can download and configure FormMail manually for free.

You'll need to spend about 15 to 30 minutes reading our documentation to understand how to get a form working this way.

Benefits of a Wizard Subscription

  • Save time! Get working forms on your website in less than 3 minutes.
  • Save effort! No need to read our documents or edit PHP code for basic functionality.
  • Simple form designer! Quickly and easily design HTML forms online. You can also change the design by uploading them to the Wizard in the future.
  • Simple conversion! Already have HTML forms? No problem...just upload them to the Wizard and have them converted automatically!

The Configuration Wizard helps you configure FormMail for your requirements by answering a few questions. Read moreOpens in a new window.

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Our business is dedicated to fighting spam. Tectite FormMail has many features specifically designed to thwart spammers. Read how we protect your privacy when you use our Wizards.