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Perhaps the most advanced contact form processor ever produced! PHP Form processing on your server.
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  • It's free! Zero-cost Do-It-Yourself or low-cost Configuration Wizard. Your choice to save money or time.
  • Secure HTML contact form processing. Tectite FormMail has a long history with no serious security vulnerabilities.
  • Strong anti-spam features!
  • You can do almost anything you want with our PHP form processing script - plus it's getting better all the time.
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More Testimonials

Your FormMail is wonderful!

I have just learned it (some of it) and have implemented it within the last month. It is very powerful; it allows me to do much more than my previous formmail (based on Matt's FormMail).

The more I use it, the more I am amazed at its capabilities. I have used it to properly handle credit card submissions, which no longer come to our business itself, for security reasons.

I am very pleased with it, and will continue to learn it.

Tim Van Ryn, webmaster

Hosted Contact Forms

Process your contact form (or any form you want) with a secure PHP form script on our server.
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  • Your forms on your website, submissions processed by our server.
  • Guaranteed mail sending. Don't get stuck by your server's broken PHP configuration!
  • Stored form results - never lose a submission due to broken spam filters.
  • Daily reports.
  • Anti-spam features of FormMail included.
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More Testimonials

Your service helping us analyze problems with our 'Contact Us' form and in switching to your hosted service was superb.

I'm a demanding user since I did doctoral studies in MIS (which, of course, does not mean I know anything about PHP and related implementation problems, LOL, you know how this goes!).

Thanks for helping us get our website's form working as needed. You're one awesome fellow Mr. Robinson!

Thank you!

Rebecca Hoover

Form Encryption

Encryption software for your contact form, feedback form, inquiry form or any web form that needs complete security.
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  • Encrypts form results before
    they leave your server.
  • Collect orders and payments securely.
  • Increase trust in your company and website.
  • Ensure privacy of your customers.
  • Works with any form processor and any email program (including web-based email).
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Secure form results!


More Testimonials

I just want to say thanks for making FormMail and FormMailDecoder available.

Both are working well on the website I created for my clients at Star One Finance.

I really could not have tackled the project without your software.

Chris Parrish