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FormMail Configuration Reference


Just 2 Settings!

You only need to make two settings to configure FormMail for basic operation.

These are necessary to secure your server and allow you to get feedback on errors.

Quick start...

The quickest way to get started is with our low-cost Configuration Wizard.

Welcome to the Configuration Reference for Tectite FormMail.

This page helps you get started with understanding FormMail's Configuration Section and its Configuration Settings.

Tectite FormMail is comprehensive in its features and, therefore, there are a lot of settings you can make.

However, we've designed FormMail so that only two settings are mandatory. FormMail will work in its basic operation without any other settings changed or set.

Can I Get Started Without Reading This?

Yes! You can get running quickly by using our low-cost FormMail Configuration Wizard.


Getting Started

There are two ways to get started with a manual (non-Wizard) setup:

  1. Read the FormMail tutorial by long time FormMail user, Terry Allen, or,
  2. Start with Basic Configuration.

Complete List of FormMail Configuration Settings

To read the documentation for a particular FormMail configuration setting, click the setting name below: